Please voice your concerns here to prohibit Dense Urban Development (DUD) along the Western Shore of Hempstead Harbor, Port Washington.

Your email will be sent to Supervisor DeSena and members of the Town of North Hempstead Board

Subject: Vote NO on zoning change for 145 West Shore Road
I oppose the rezoning of the barely 2 acre parcel at 145 W. Shore Road from Residence AAA to Multiple Residence. I want to protect Hempstead Harbor and the surrounding green space corridor of public beaches, wetlands, nature preserves and wildlife habitats for community enjoyment and the benefit of future generations.

The proposed seven-story, 212,000 sq. foot high-rise, parking and marina complex will irreversibly destroy our public waterfront and fast-disappearing natural areas. If extreme zoning variances are allowed, developers will evade the protective intention of our zoning laws and open the floodgates to mega-projects to follow.

Do NOT replicate big-city crowding in Port Washington! Please vote NO to SLC’s Petition to rezone to Multiple Residence!

What concerns you most about the proposed development and marina?
  •  The development is unsuitable and oversized for just over 2 acres on the waterfront.
  •  Sets a dangerous precedent for overdevelopment and urbanization of our shoreline.
  •  Apartments and parking will be located in a FEMA – designated high-risk flood zone. In extreme weather, residents and first responders will be put in harm’s way and disaster repairs to infrastructure will be borne by taxpayers.
  •  Increased water, soil and air pollution will compromise water quality, swimming and recreational activities. It will impact individual and community health and deplete fish & wildlife populations.
  •  Overloads Town services and aging/outdated safe water and sewer infrastructure.
  •  Intolerable daily traffic congestion from over 350+ cars traveling to Port Boulevard, Main Street, train station, schools and shopping malls.
  •  Higher property taxes